Learning Matters

Markus Münch and Cyrill Locher

The founders and owners of Learning Matters Ltd have been working in the field of technology-based learning since the early 1990s. Whilst Markus Münch and Cyrill Locher are tech-savvy, they are not uncritical tech nerds. Due to their educational and social science backgrounds, they always consider the appropriate use of learning technologies for the target groups.

Markus Münch started his career as a primary teacher. After further education in multimedia development at SAE, he became a lecturer and project manager for Digicomp and Open Connect, where he was in charge of web and e-learning projects. In 2001, he founded his own company (Lernzeit-Media). Two years later he sold it to Crealogix and worked in many senior roles: as Deputy Head and since 2008 as Head of E-Learning and member of the board of management. He continued to be involved in key account management, business development, personnel and sales until he left the company in spring 2015.
Out of office: Loves to travel far and wide, adores the Swiss mountains. Father of two teenagers, daughter and son.
Ever since completing his studies at Zürich University, Cyrill Locher has worked in the area of corporate education and training as a consultant, author and project manager. He pioneered the production of e-learning modules in the 1990s. From 2001 to 2008, he built up the E-Learning department and was a member of the board of management at Crealogix. After completing his post-graduate studies in Management, he worked as an independent consultant and project manager carrying out several large consultancy, platform and content projects for different clients including Credit Suisse and Roche.
Out of office: Usually active in the mountains (biking, climbing, ski mountaineering) or sailing; father of two sons.